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Vita B3 cream

Vita B3 cream

Vitamin B3 is essential to prevent and reverse visible signs of redness, pigment changes and skin ageing. pHformula has developed a highly concentrated vitamin B3 cream with 24 hour moisturizing properties to offer immediate and intense hydration. The light textured Vitamin B3 cream contains Niacinamide at prescription strength, which result in superior skin correction benefits, ideal for daily and year-long application.
The 24-hour moisturizing complex in the formula comprised of a synergistic blend of natural moisturizing factors to assist in pro-longed hydration and protection of the skin.

Recommended for all skin types Dehydrated skin
All ages
Skin with visible signs of photo-ageing Dark spots

Apply every morning and evening to a clean, dry skin.

50 ml

5% Niacinamide
24 Hour Moisturizing Complex Paraben free preservative system

Niacinamide – Increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides in the skin, which form a protective barrier. Maintain skin moisture, protect skin from irritants, improve flushing / blushing due to rosacea and minimize dark spots.
24 HOUR MOISTURIZING COMPLEX: Trehalose, Maltose and Fructose – Effective 24 hour moisturizing properties. Sodium lactate – Restore the skins NMF (natural moisturizing factor).
Allantoin – Soothing keratolytic action with beneficial influence on skin moisture.
Glycerin – Humectant with long lasting hydration effect.
Hydrolite 5 – Superior skin moisturizer.

Intensely increases hydration by 112% after only 2 hours.
Maintains long-term moisture while retaining water in the skin.
Protects skin against environmental aggressions and free radicals.
Restores softer, more comfortable and supple skin. Improve flushing / blushing due to rosacea and minimize dark spots.

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