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Enzyme Skin Treatment in Limassol Cyprus

Enzyme Peels


What are enzymes peels?

Enzymes peels are also called ferment peeling.

Enzymes are proteins that are obtained through the process called fermentation.  As the name suggests, enzyme peels contain just that – different types of enzymes, that help gently and carefully exfoliate the skin. 

Our skin cells constantly divide on deeper layers, they move towards the surface as they mature.  As skins mature and travel towards outer layer of the skin, they perform different functions.  Eventually skin cells reach the outer layer, where they die.  This “dead” layer contributes to protective skin barrier.  

his protective skin barrier is crucial for the skin health and ultimately for the health of our overall body.  This layer of the skin protects us from harmful organisms, UV rays, dust, dirt and so on.

Naturally, this “dead” cells layer is washed off approximately every 3-4 weeks.  However, sometimes, our body does not get rid of these cells.

Dead cells start accumulating on the skin surface.  When this “dead” skin cells layer becomes too thick, our skin starts looking dull, tired, worn out.  Sometimes people have “greyish” skin tone.

Also, thick dead cells layer prevents many skin care product from delivering hydrating and nourishing ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.

Skin with accumulated dead cells looks dehydrated, pores might appear enlarged; skin could be either extremely dry or very oily, depending on your skin type.

Also, dead cells allow bacteria growth which could also lead to acne, blackheads and other skin diseases.

Benefits of enzymatic peels

  • Dissolve dead skin cells (so you can wash off that layer easily);

  • Even out and brighten skin tone

  • Remove excessive skin oil

  • Clear pores (because enzyme peels are able to dissolve oil plugs as well)

  • Lighten dark age spots

  • Promote skin oxygenation 

  • Enhance work of other skin care products

  • Assist in reducing acne and blackhead formation

  • Do not cause redness, inflammation and irritation of the skin (except for personal ingredients’ intolerance)

  • Enzyme peels work on the surface of the skin and do not work on deep layers like chemical peels do.  

  • Enzyme peels are much gentler than chemical peels. They can be used all year around.

  • People with the most sensitive skin can do enzyme peels.  Also people with broken vessels on the face can also safely use these types of peels.


€70 per treatment

Offer Pack: 4 treatments €210 (€70 discount)

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