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Microcurrent Facial

Known as a non-invasive facelift, and a great Botox alternative

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, like a "workout" for the face. The goal is to encourage the muscles to look more defined, growth of ATP, and collagen development.

Known as a non-invasive facelift, and a great Botox alternative, microcurrent facials introduce a low-grade electrical current delivered through a small machine onto the face muscles. The muscles contract and are meant to be trained—just like a gym workout—to lift and sculpt the face. Microcurrent is used to lift the eyebrows, define cheekbones, tighten and firm skin, and stimulate collagen growth.

Benefits of Microcurrent Facials

  • Redefines and enhances your features

  • Produces collagen in the dermis

  • Erases signs of aging

  • Painless

  • Results are visible in minutes

"The microcurrent facial uses two handheld prongs that deliver precise dosages of energy to the skin and work simultaneously to repair and produce collagen in the dermis while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis, which is the top layer of skin," explains Vargas.

You know it actually works because it has been used medically since the 1980s, approved by the FDA as a muscle stimulator to treat Bell's palsy and muscle paralysis. After noticing improved results in patients with atrophied, sagging facial muscles, microcurrent was then adopted as an anti-aging tool. Top facialists like Joanna Vargas, Ildi Pekar, and Shamara Bondaroff swear by it, while at-home tools like NuFace and Ziip have become increasingly popular in everyday skin routines.


€60 per Treatment

Offer Pack: €240 for 5 treatments (€60 discount)

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