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Hydrafacial – новейшая аппаратная методика эстетической косметологии, деликатно очищающая и омолаживающая кожу. Это запатентованная неинвазивная технология, которая обеспечит Вашей коже глубокое очищение, увлажнение и омоложение.

Процедура Hydrafacial сегодня входит в ТОП наиболее популярных процедур в самых престижных клиниках эстетической медицины и элитных SPA-центрах во всем мире. Методика HydraFacial обладает тройным воздействием на кожу – в течение одной процедуры производится очищение кожи и пилинг, экстракция комедонов, антиоксидантная терапия и увлажнение. Во время такой процедуры all-inclusive кожа одновременно эффективно очищается под воздействием вакуума и активно увлажняется различными активными сыворотками. В результате происходит интенсивное увлажнение и обновление кожи, устраняются различные кожные проблемы, и осуществляется противовозрастный уход.

Это новаторская система ухода за кожей, которая бережно ухаживает за кожей, решая различные кожные проблемы: замедляет старение, уменьшает мелкие морщинки, поры, улучшает текстуру и цвет кожи, решает проблему повышенной пигментации, помогает восстановить кожу после воздействия активного солнца, устраняет проблемы жирной, склонной к высыпаниям кожи, розацеа.

Методика обеспечивает быстрый, эффективный и долгосрочный результат, который Вы получите сразу после процедуры.

HydraFacial глубокое очищение: 70€ за 1 процедуру  Выгодное предложение: 210€ за 4 процедуры (скидка 70€)
HydraFacial глубокое очищение + Мезотерапия без иглы + RF-лифтинг лица 150€ за 1 процедуру 
Выгодное предложение: 450€ за 4 процедуры (скидка 150€)

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Benefits of Pedicures:

A nail technician can help you prevent getting calluses as they scrub off the dead skin cells on your feet. So say goodbye to flakey dry feet and hello to feet as smooth as a baby’s feet.

Individuals choose to get pedicures for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a regular part of their foot hygiene and maintenance. For others, a pedicure is a great way to prepare for a special occasion. Here are some of the surprising benefits of pedicures.


Individuals choose to get pedicures for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a regular part of their foot hygiene and maintenance. For others, a pedicure is a great way to prepare for a special occasion. Here are some of the surprising benefits of pedicures.


As the blood flows freely through the foot, circulation combats inflammation. If you have lower back pain, your feet could be to blame. Pedicures ease foot pain and can indirectly provide acupuncture-like benefits. The sole of your foot is connected to many different body parts. Therefore, stimulating and massaging various locations on the foot can benefit ailments in other parts of your body, such as your back.


Chances are, you probably only look at your feet when bathing or putting on your shoes. When you don’t monitor your foot health regularly, it can be easy to develop a nail fungus or infection. Pedicures are great for the early detection of foot problems, including nail fungus. Your technician can also recommend treatment options to make your nails look shiny and new. 


Along the same lines, regular pedicures are great for preventing infections. This is because the cleansing and exfoliation of the feet are very thorough. Technicians typically clean under the nail and around the cuticles as well. Cuticle maintenance can prevent ingrown toenails, and this meticulous cleaning prevents dirt and debris from penetrating the nail bed and causing infection and discomfort. 


Feet can sweat; therefore, feet can smell, especially if your precious feet are trapped in boots or sneakers all day long. A daily shower or foot scrub can go a long way to prevent foot odors. However, pedicures also leave your feet smelling like roses, or lavender or a Bahama Breeze scented candle. Options depend on the spa of choice, but with all the gentle products used in pedicures, you can bet your feet will smell lovely once you leave the spa.


Pedicures are great for exfoliation and moisturizing. By scraping off dead skin, your feet become baby soft once more. Pedicures also moisturize your foot from your toes to your heel. This keeps your feet soft long after your pedicure and helps improve your feet’s skin health. We spend a lot of time ensuring our facial skin is moisturized and well taken care of, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your feet?


Regular pedicures encourage healthy growth of your toenails. By keeping your toenails at the proper length and having them professionally cared for, you can expect even growth and healthy, strong nails. After all, good nail growth is a telltale sign of good health.


This one may not come as a surprise, but regular pedicures are great for relieving stress. When you look and feel your best, you are better prepared to tackle your work and life. Spending quality time on yourself allows you to restore energy and calm your mind. Pedicures are meant to be relaxing and soothing, making them great for mental health.

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