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Maria Sesitidou C.
Aesthetician Cosmetologist 

 Dear visitor, welcome to my site!
MSC Esthetics is a Medical Spa located in Limassol, Cyprus.
I personally created this site with love, i hope here you can find every detail you could ask for, including prices below each service.
I invest in a system with online booking so you can book your appointment anytime. 
In case you have some extra questions regarding any service please book first a free consultation so that we can discuss further.

Some Details about me:
I am an Aesthetician Cosmetologist highly experienced in the esthetic field.
I specialize in medical treatments that treat the skin, and all the protocols i do in the office are made by me. I try to post in my instagram msclimassol many before after photos that of course are my work. 
The reason i believe i have such a good feedback is because i love what i do and this is the reason why my results are outstanding. I work for the result and every client of mine knows it.

Besides the treatments that i provide personally, my colleagues offer different treatments as well like massage therapy, laser hair removal, nail health etc
Please check our full services list, and our online booking program will guide you depending on the service, the therapist who will provide the treatment. 
Our office is located in Ekali area, i chose this location as it has a very easy access from the roundabout, without the traffic below it, we are in the top side of the highway which guarantees silence to enjoy your treatment and avoiding extra traffic time.


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