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Ultrasound Fat Loss Cavitation rf Therapy in Limassol Cyprus

Ultrasound energy selectively targets fat cells in the chosen body area without harming surrounding tissues.
It is non-invasive and completely painless; with no downtime.
During your ultrasound cavitation treatment, our specially designed applicator precisely targets specific body areas with low-frequency sound waves.
This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin’s surface causing pressure, which eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream.
Radio Frequency uses advanced technology that safely heats the collagen in the skin (dermis). If sufficient energy is delivered, the collagen will contract, providing a change in skin appearance.

The Ideal frequency for Cavitation is between (35kHz).
A common misunderstanding with ultrasound is thinking that the higher the frequency 40 50, 60 KHz the stronger the signal. Nothing is further from the truth, in reality these frequencies are much much weaker.
Here is a simple explanation, if you clap your hands 35 times in a minute you can be slow and firm and loud. If asked to clap your hands 40, 50 or 60 times in that same minute you would have to clap very quickly causing you to be clapping lighter and faster. 35 Khz or 35,000 waves per second is a slower heavier, denser and much more penetrating wavelength Ideal for Cavitation.
Our machine utilizes an extremely powerful frequency at 35KHz.

Cavitation RF


€85 Full Stomach including Sides (45' treatment)
€70 buttocks (40' treatment)
€140 thighs (1h treatment)
€70 Inner - Outer Arms (40' treatment)
Full Body : €290 (€75 discount, 3h treatment)

Offer Packs: 
€510 Full Stomach including Sides for 8 treatments (€ 170 discount)
€420 buttocks for 8 treatments (€140 discount)
€840 thighs (280 discount)
€420 Inner - Outer Arms for 8 treatments (€140 discount)
Full Body €1,740 (580 discount)

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