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What is HIFU Treatment?
HIFU stands for ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’. This treatment can target various depths of the body’s tissue for skin tightening, skin lifting and body contouring. Entirely non-invasive, HIFU machines work by targeting deep layers in the skin – it boosts new collagen production and collagen regeneration right at the source. It is sometime called the ‘Lunchtime Face Lift’ as the treatment is quick, very tolerable and has no downtime.
What is HIFU treatment for face?
HIFU treatment for the face works as a non-invasive facelift. It lifts and tightens the skin, irons out wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pores, targets the ‘V’ line formation and jowl lines. HIFU improves overall skin tone, pores, brightness and elasticity.

This SMAS layer is the actual area a plastic surgeon would pull and tighten under a surgical operation using a knife. HIFU targets this layer without any surgical incisions, giving the patient a no-downtime facelift. Which means you can gain excellent results without any risks associated with surgery, such as infection, scarring, swelling etc. Treatments are fast and results can be seen immediately for some patients, depending on the level of laxity your skin has.
HIFU treatment is known as the ‘lunch time face lift’ as it’s quick and you can return to work and continue with your day. Some people may have some mild redness and maybe light bruising the next day. With our HIFU machine we can even treat around your eyes, thanks to the MF2 slim cartridge, which allows practitioners to treat your delicate eye area. This works great if you want an upper eyelid lift.

What is HIFU treatment for body / weight loss / inch loss?
Hifu 9mm and 13mm cartridges are used for the body, here HIFU energy is used to target the fat layer and destroy fat cells. HIFU is ideal for body contouring post pregnancy tummy, abdomen fat, bingo wings, thighs and under the buttocks for a non-surgical bum lifting effect.
It can even tighten the skin on the knees and arms, helping to improve the ‘crepey’ look. HIFU is a very effective treatment for both inch loss and fat loss – at the same time tightening the skin!
Do HIFU Treatments hurt?
Our HIFU machine offers faster shot speeds and shorter intervals between each shot, this means it’s very comfortable for the patient, in fact far more comfortable and less painful than many other HIFU treatments on the market. Some people describe it as feeling like tiny electric pulses, or a prickly sensation. It’s not pain free but it’s completely tolerable and it may feel different on different areas of your face or body.
HIFU is also an alternative to a surgical facelift or liposuction, which is likely to hurt far more and require recovery time. Comparatively, HIFU is the much less painful and invasive option.

What is SMAS?
SMAS [Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System ]
• The area of between just below the dermis and the top portion of the muscle layer
• This muscle layer could makes the reason of wrinkle and loosen skin
• The target area of Botox or face lifting treatment that depth is 4.5mm in the skin

The target area of HIFU treatment is more deeper than other lasers

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) acoustic energy, known to propagate much deeper through tissue than laser or RF energy, has been previously investigated for use in bulk heating for the treatments of solid organ tumors and recently adapted for the treatment of subcutaneous lipolysis.
The ultrasound waves penetrate into tissue, leading to vibration in molecules at the site of beam focus.
The friction between tissue molecules produces heat and thermal injury at the focal site of the beam.
Penetration depth is determined by frequency in which higher frequency waves produce a shallow focal injury zone and lower frequency waves have a greater depth of penetration to produce focal thermal injury zones (TIZs) at deeper layers.
The treatment of solid organ tumors and adipocytes relies on bulk heating over a larger area to accomplish tissue destruction through thermal effects and the cavitation process.
In comparison with HIFU, MFUS allows for more precise energy delivery as a result of advances within the system to better address the needs of skin laxity.
For transcutaneous treatment, modifications of short pulse durations coupled with higher frequency transducers allow MFUS to deliver precise zones of coagulative necrosis, so-called TIZs.
Each TIZ is tightly focused at a given depth and heated precisely using shorter pulses (150 ms) to produce small zones (1 mm3) of coagulative necrosis at the site with surrounding tissue and superficial layers essentially unaffected.
Similar to a laser pulse, the thermal injury is confined by keeping the pulse duration relatively short.
The epidermal surface remains unaffected as long as the energy delivered is not excessive for the given focal depth and frequency emitted by a given transducer, eliminating the need for superficial cooling and speeding the recovery process, as healing occurs rapidly from untreated adjacent tissue.
The MFUS device is able to penetrate deeper into tissue than its nonsurgical predecessors in an effort to affect superior tissue tightening and longevity of results by selectively targeting the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS).
The SMAS lies deep to the subcutaneous fat, envelops the muscles of facial expression, and extends superficially to connect with the dermis.
The SMAS layer is composed of collagen and elastic fibers similar to the dermal layer of the skin; however, it has more durable holding property and less delayed relaxation after lifting procedures than skin alone.
Thus, the SMAS is a desirable target for noninvasive skin tightening procedures.

▫️Brow Lift : € 175
▫️Chin & Jawline Lift: €190
▫️Full Face Lift: €600
▫️Full Face & Neck Lift: €765
▫️Upper or Lower Abdomen: € 450
▫️Other Areas - Arms, inner or outer thighs etc: € 370


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