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Shrink Large Pores for Flawless Skin
Enlarged pores can give your skin an uneven texture that even makeup can’t hide. Dermapen Treatments™ for large pores are effective in reducing the appearance of this common cosmetic complaint. The result is irresistibly smooth, flawless skin.
Refine Your Large Pores
Enlarged pores are a common skin concern, especially if you’ve had acne or blackheads, and are usually more visible on the nose, cheeks and chin. The good news is that Dermapen Treatments are an effective and safe method to noticeably reduce enlarged pores and reveal smooth, glowing skin.
Before, during, and after your microneedling procedures, you can support your skin’s rejuvenation with a tailored skincare routine using Dp Dermaceuticals™ products. These products have been specially developed to work in harmony with regenerative procedures and your skin for exceptional results.
Dermapen Treatments for enlarged pores don’t begin and end in a clinic. The Dermapen HOME™ microneedling pen is recommended for use between visits for ultimate radiance and perfect-looking skin.
Clinical Procedure
Professional microneedling with a Dermapen 4™ device works to minimise large pores by creating thousands of flawless micro-injuries in the surface of your skin. The skin’s natural wound-healing response is activated, producing and distributing new collagen, plumping up and tightening the appearance of the enlarged pores and effectively making them appear smaller.
Dermapen 4 is the market-leading device in microneedling, not just for the superior results it achieves, but also for how quick and virtually pain-free procedures are.
Treatment Protocols
During a clinical consultation, your practitioner will advise how many procedures you require to minimise your pores and how long to wait between each procedure. Every Dermapen Treatment is tailored to individual skincare concerns but guided by proven DermapenWorld Protocols to get you outstanding results.

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