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Laser Hair Removal

We are  proud to use the fastest, most effective laser hair removal system in the world.
Our commitment to cutting-edge laser technology delivers superior benefits to our clients like excellent long-lasting results across a variety of skin types and colors, fast treatment sessions that respect your time, and advanced cooling technology to minimize discomfort.
Our Laser is the most innovating edition in Hair Removal Laser combining the benefits of the two most effective wavelengths, being a comfortable, safe and effective method to remove unwanted hair.
Using the method of selective photothermolysis, the increase in temperature in the hair follicles results in the destruction of the cells that are responsible for their re-emergence, without damaging the epidermis or the surrounding tissue.
Our Laser combines the benefits of the two most effective wavelengths: Alexandrite 755nm and Diode 810nm in the same device in one single handpiece for the widest range of hair types, achieving optimal results in the permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth for both men and women and for all areas of body and face.
Advanced Contact Sab Zero Cooling System using sapphire tip integrated into the handpiece, protects the epidermis ensuring almost painless sessions and maintenance of a lower temperature at the epidermal level, yet reaching the required higher temperature at the target level. Repetition rate of up to 10Hz and energy density up to 90J/cm2 offer fast and painless application.
Using the different wavelengths in the same device in one single handpiece achieves optimal results in the permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth for the widest range of hair types. It has large spot size, ensuring quicker sessions.
The Anvanced Contact Sab Zero Cooling System freezes the handpiece at -5C ensuring painless sessions and protection of the epidermis.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way of removing undesired hair from the body.
Laser hair removal works by directing a focused infrared light pulse through the skin to where it heats up and destroys hair follicles. Hair grows in cycles: Hair grows out from hair follicles that are found throughout the outer layer of the skin. There are three phases of hair growth. The growing phase (called anagen) is when hair is actively being produced. Laser destruction of the follicle works for hair in the growing phase. Hair may then go from the actively growing phase into a brief changing stage (called catagen) where the bottom of the follicle is absorbed into the body. Lastly, the hair follicle enters the resting phase (called telogen) where no active hair growth occurs. Hairs that remain in the follicle may eventually fall out or get pushed out by a new hair growing when the hair follicles enter the growing phase again.
Our laser sends a brief pulse of concentrated light into the skin where it is absorbed by hair pigment and this in turn heats and destroys the hair follicle. Once the follicle is destroyed, the hair will fall out and no new hair will grow from the destroyed follicle. The laser selectively destroys the hair root (follicle) without damaging other sensitive pores and other structures in the skin. 
Sometimes hairs come out right after the laser pulse treatment but in most cases, the hair gradually works itself out of the pore over the next 2-3 weeks. Often the hair appears to still be growing when in fact the hair is just slowly being pushed out of the destroyed hair follicle.
Likewise, the laser is tailored to treat you according to your skin type and colour, your hair texture, and body area.

Can all skin colours be treated?
Yes. All skin types I through VI can be treated. Skin type I is very fair, always burns in the sun, never tans, and often has blue eyes and blonde hair. On the other side of the spectrum is Skin type VI which is darker skin, never burns in the sun and often has dark hair and eyes. Unlike many older style lasers that could only treat the most fair skin types, the Sciton Profile ™ laser can penetrate deep in the skin to destroy the hair follicle This can usually be done without disturbing the darker skin’s natural colour or causing it to heat to much. The Sciton Profile ™ laser can be adjusted for any skin type.

Can all hair colours be treated?
Yes except white hair. White hair does not respond to laser hair removal treatment. Our laser works by focusing light energy on the pigment in the hair root. Therefore lasers work on blond to very dark hair.. White hair and grey hair has lost  its pigment so the laser cannot heat up and destroy the hair follicle. Laser away your hair before it turns white! Bleached, coloured, and dyed hairs can be treated by the laser. The laser targets the natural hair colour that is protected in the hair follicle. So even if you are bleached blonde, your roots may be dark and respond to laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
There is NO hair removal method that can guarantee permanent hair removal, we can guarantee permanent hair reduction for sure!
Now that you know the natural cycles of hair growth, you will know that at any time, some hair follicles may be dormant or sleeping while you are destroying the other hair follicles with the laser. The dormant follicles may eventually “wake up” and start growing a hair again. The best description of laser hair removal is “long-term hair reduction”. For most people, the total amount of hair can be reduced significantly after 5-8 treatments. At any treatment, about 20% of the hair follicles may be destroyed. This means that after 5-8 treatment sessions, hair is reduced by 70 – 90%. The hair that grows afterwards is often lighter coloured, finer, and less dense.

Will all my hair be gone in the treatment area after one laser treatment?
No, but there will be reduction of the number of hairs in the area after only one treatment. At any treatment, about 20% of the hair follicles may be destroyed. Some hair follicles will survive because they are in the dormant stage, other follicles may only be “stunned” the first time around, and other follicles will be destroyed. For most people, the total amount of hair can be reduced significantly after 5-8 treatments. This means that after 5-8 treatment sessions, hair is reduced by 70 – 90%. The hair that grows afterwards is often lighter coloured, finer, and less dense.

Why do I need to get 5 - 8 treatments?
Laser hair removal works by heating up actively growing hair follicles. The laser heats up the pigment in the hair, which is then transmitted into the hair follicles and this destroys them. When the hair follicle is in the dormant (sleeping) phase, the hair follicle is empty. Since there is no pigment to heat up, no laser energy can be transmitted to the hair follicle. Later, when the hair follicle “wakes” up and becomes active again, the hair starts growing. 

What is Hirsutism?
Hirsutism is excessive growth of dark, thick hair on a woman’s body in a male-like pattern. This hair growth is found in the androgen (testosterone) dependent areas of the woman’s body and includes areas such as the face, neck, chest, abdomen, back, and inner thighs. Hirsutism is a common problem and affects up to 8% of all women. Women from some ethnic groups tend to have more body hair than others. This does not mean that they have hirsutism. However they may still wish to have less hair in some areas and our laser can treat all skin colours. Hirsutism can occur for many reasons including: hormonal disorders, some medications, and some rare diseases. By far the most common reason for hirsutism in women is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

What is Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?
Polycystic ovarian syndrome occurs when a woman’s hormones aren’t working in the normal way, and the ovaries make too many eggs. The eggs turn into cysts, or fluid filled bubbles. There are many symptoms that occur with PCOS. Commonly, a woman may have irregular menstrual periods and may have trouble getting pregnant. Most women with PCOS have extra hair growth on the face, chest, lower abdomen, and inner thigh area. Acne and obesity are also common with PCOS. Doctors are unsure of the cause of PCOS but there may be some treatments that will help with symptoms. Our laser can be used to remove undesired hair.

What is Hypertrichosis?
Hypertrichosis is excessive hair growth in areas of the body that are not androgendependent. This type of excess hair growth is not in a male-distribution. Hypertrichosis may be genetic or may be related to a disease state or medication that you are taking. The unwanted hair in hypertrichosis may sometimes improve after the disease is treated or the medication is removed. However, in cases of simple genetic hypertrichosis or if the medication must be continued, laser hair removal may help.

What is Pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor rash)?
Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) has also been called razor rash or shaving bumps. It is commonly seen with men along the neck region. Women may get PFB along the bikini area or armpits where they may frequently shave. Essentially PFB is caused by irritation of the hair follicles by the shaving and the hairs that grow up afterwards become either ingrown or irritate the follicle as they grow out. The resulting rash can be uncomfortable or embarrassing for some men and women.  Fortunately, our laser can be used to help treat PFB. The laser permanently reduces the number of hair follicles and growing hairs in the area, so that there is often less need to shave the area and less follicle irritation resulting in PFB. After 5-8 laser treatments, most men will achieve a significant improvement in their razor rash. Most often we would only need to treat the neck area so that a beard and facial hair can still be grown. For women with PFB, the laser hair reduction reduces the need to shave and thus there is less irritation in the area.

What are hormone related hair disorders?
Most hormone related hair growth occurs because of an excess of the male-hormone androgen. Women do produce some androgen in their body, however when this hormone level is too high, it can stimulate male-pattern hair growth. The most common hormone related hair growth in women is caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Rarely, androgen hormone excess is caused by an adrenal gland disorder or insulin disorder. And sometimes a woman just makes more androgen, and there is no medical problem present (this is called “idiopathic”). For both PCOS and the normal androgen excess, laser hair treatment provides an excellent way to reduce the undesired hair growth.

What about menopause?
As a woman enters menopause, their hormones can fluctuate. This change of life eventually leads to reduces levels of the female hormones circulating in their body. Amongst the many changes that women experience, many will have more facial hair growth. Undesired facial hair can be well treated with laser hair removal. However, if your hair is changing colour to white, we many not be able to use the laser to remove the hair. Laser hair removal depends on pigment in the natural hair root to destroy the hair follicle. White hair is without pigment and therefore cannot be removed by the laser. We can evaluate your natural hair growth to see if you would be able to get laser hair removal done. Don’t delay, laser today.

Shaving or clipping hair is good.
Shaving and clipping hair in the treatment area is good. Shaved or clipped hairs still have their hair root and this is what we want to target with the laser. We prefer a shaved skin area to laser. Shaving also allows you to shape the area just as you desire it (important for the face and bikini areas)

After completing 6-8 treatments, due to hormones, 1-2 times per year a laser session is recommended, therefore we created  special offer packages that are highly beneficial for you.
Offer Pack 6 treatments + 2 free.
For example Full Bikini Women €288
 8 treatments

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