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Anti-Ageing or Sun-Damaged Skin
Dermapen Treatments

Dermapen Treatments™ are a popular, non-invasive, and effective option for those with uneven skin tone, age spots and thinning, sagging skin, caused by environmental factors or simply as part of the skin’s ageing process.
The Dermapen 4™ device is capable of creating an impressive 1,920 micro-channels a second in your skin with virtually no pain, thanks to our sophisticated, ground-breaking technology.
The process ignites natural collagen and elastin production from within repairing the surface layers to result in healthier looking skin.
Clinical procedures can be performed anywhere on the body.
And are highly effective on tell-tale areas such as the hands or décolleté, which can be prone to sun-damage and ageing, for a uniformly radiant appearance.

Treatment Protocols
There are many different ways that age or sun damage can present.

4 Sessions
6 Weeks Apart


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