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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy combines the same principles as the classic Swedish massage with heated stones. This combination of pressure and heat results in a truly relaxing experience with great pain relief benefits.
During your session, we’ll discuss your concerns and goals with you to determine which areas to target. We warm the stones to the appropriate temperature -- hot enough to give off heat but not hot enough to burn. These stones will be placed at specific points on your body to warm you and promote relaxation.
Our massage therapist uses two palm-sized heated stones to massage you, digging into the knots, making you tense so you can unwind. Thanks to the penetrating heat, we can deliver an effective massage with less pressure than normal. 

Like other massage styles, the hot stone technique offers several valuable benefits that you’ll love. First, it relieves the pain and tension associated with strained and contracted muscles. It can even decrease muscle spasms. You’ll notice an immediate, dramatic difference in how you feel after your appointment compared to when you came in.
Another less well-known hot stone massage benefit is that it can increase your joints’ flexibility. With more flexible joints, you’ll enjoy easier movement and improved mobility.
The hot stone treatment is great for people with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic pain conditions. It is gentle enough not to aggravate sore spots but still delivers powerful, all-natural pain relief. 

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