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Thread Lift

As we age, the effects of gravity become more noticeable on our faces. The supporting tissue of the cheeks weakens and starts to sag, facial fat is lost, the jaw line that used to be firm and tight forms jowls at the edges of the mouth that drift down towards the chin and the lower face and neck sags. This sagging or drooping action of the tissue is referred to by doctors as ptosis.
Traditionally, the tendency for sugging would lead most people to a cosmetic surgeon in search of a facelift, however, there is now a less invasive procedure available that can lift, contour and suspend the sagging tissues of the face, neck and body; in those people who need only little to moderate rejuvenation.
Thread lifting is a procedure which involves elevating different parts of the face and body using specially designed threads without having to make incisions as per the classical face lift.
Dr Marlen A. Sulamanidze, thought that if you took prolene (a plastic non-absorbable suture) and cut barbs (very small “teeth”) along its length, it could act as a rope to hold up a drooping brow, cheek or jowl; and this resulted in the development and creation of APTOS threads in the late 1990’s. These barbed threads have now been patented, and further developed. Other forms of threads or sutures, both barbed and smooth have also now been developed for use in thread face lift procedures.

APTOS Thread Lift, is a unique and advanced thread lift technique which is minimally invasive and used as a non surgical alternative to a face lift. This treatment is ideal for patients who are not ready to undergo a traditional face lift and are looking for an instant lift and tightening in the treated area.
What are the Aptos threads made of?​ 
Aptos threads are made of both non-absorbable (polypropylene) and absorbable (poly-L-lactic acid + caprolactone) material. Polypropylene threads are used in surgery as a suture material for more than 50 years, as well as Polylactic threads which are composed of fully absorbable, non-allergic material.
Last year Aptos inventors presented a revolutionary new formula of thread composition - the 3rd Generation Aptos Thread with Hyaluronic Acid.
An improved formulation ensures additional benefit for the skin, provides less traumatic procedure, faster rehabilitation. Skin elasticity and texture improvement are visible right after thread implantation.

What will I look like after the procedure?
Doesn`t "5 to 10 years younger" sounds perfect for a minimally invasive procedure`s result?!
Because that`s how you are going to look like after Aptos thread lifting
Right after the procedure, you might have slight swelling or overcorrection, but already in a few days, you will look like the pictures of yourself several years ago.
Compared to a traditional facelift surgery – which is perfect for a visible change, but also leaves scars and requires a long recovery period, after Aptos thread lifting, you will not find any signs of intervention or scars. And definitely will notice an improvement in skin texture, fine lines, and sagging skin.

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