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Hand Perfection cream
  • Hand Perfection cream

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    Recommended for all skin types.

    Repetitive and frequent hand washing increases skin dry- ness and roughness. Use immediately after each hand wash to treat, protect and prevent skin dryness.

    50 ml

    Liquorice Extract
    St. John’s Wort Oil
    Horse Chestnut
    Olive Oil
    Sunflower Oil
    Vitamin E
    Ammonium Lactate
    Paraben free preservative system

    Niacinamide – The active depigmenting action of niacina- mide evens out skin tone and improves skin texture.
    Liquorice Extract – Inhibits tyrosine’s activity that contrib- utes to decrease in skin pigmentation. Its high content of phenolic component is responsible for its powerful anti- oxidant activity by means of significant free radical scav- enging, protecting the skin against oxidative damage and improving the skin appearance.
    St. John’s Wort Oil – This herb’s oil is earthy and softly sweet, known for its ability to bring balance and comfort to skin and circulatory channels. Helps support healthy elastin production and is is known for its regenerating properties.
    Horse Chestnut – Due to its composition, horse chestnut has superior anti-inflammatory properties. It is a potent free radical scavenger with anti-ageing and photo-protect- ing mechanism of action.
    Olive Oil – A natural remedy for dry skin because of its high fatty acid content, some of which comes from the emollient squalene.
    Sunflower Oil – Rich in oleic and linoleic acids with valu- able nutritive, moisturizing and soothing properties.
    Vitamin E – Protects the skin from environmental pollution and has a protecting action against UV radiation. It is an excellent moisturiser, with powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.
    Ammonium Lactate – Hydrates the outermost skin layer and promotes skin moisturizing for a prolonged time. Also prevents keratinization of epidermal skin layer, which keeps the skin smoother and hydrated for a longer time.

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