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Get Detox Body Peel Therapy in Limassol Cyprus

Body Wrap Treatments

With their ability to condition, detoxify, tone and tighten skin, and even take inches off your frame almost instantly (water retention), it’s hardly any wonder body wrap treatments are a steadfast spa favourite. 

What is a body wrap?
A body wrap - also known as a ‘body cocoon’ or ‘body mask’ - is a spa treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of skin, and/or reduce body measurements. A nourishing oil or mineral-rich formula is applied to the limbs and torso before they are wrapped in cotton, mylar bandages or a plastic film. This promotes the extraction of dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin.
While most wraps are performed on the entire body (minus the face and genital area), some - such as cellulite and bust wraps - are applied to certain areas alone.

What health and beauty benefits does a body wrap treatment provide? 
The pampering experience of a body wrap can provide multiple benefits, depending on the type chosen:

Detoxification: Body wraps featuring detoxifying algae, seaweed, mud or clay can help rid the body of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation. As skin is your largest organ, detoxification of the epidermis can have a significant effect on your health and overall wellbeing.
Wraps with detoxifying ingredients teamed with firmly wound bandages will see you sweat out any excess water and toxins, and also tighten your skin.
Dead skin removal: Wrap treatments comprising an exfoliation stage will see dead skin cells lifted, providing you a smoother complexion top-to-toe and a flattering glow. 
Intensive moisturisation: The vast majority of wraps comprise moisturising ingredients to hydrate, nourish and smooth your skin for improved condition. 

Types of body wrap spa treatments

Algae body wrap: Similar to - and sometimes confused with - seaweed body wraps, this treatment sees a nourishing, warmed algae applied to your skin to jumpstart cell metabolism and aid detoxification.

Bust wrap: This treatment sees a tightening and firming serum applied to the bust region before wrapping, to tone and moisturise sagging or loose skin resulting from the ageing process, or rapid weight loss.

Cellulite treatment wrap: These wraps aim to boost circulation to help flush toxins away from your skin and underlying fat cells, for a smoother, bump-free appearance. Generally, these wraps target the bottom, hip and thigh area alone.
Chocolate body wrap: The ultimate treat for chocoholics, this heavenly-scented body wrap sees cocoa-rich formulas applied to your skin. Chocolate is known for its anti-ageing, toning and softening qualities.

Detoxing and mineralising body wrap: The aim of these stimulating wraps is to remove toxins, draw out impurities and replace important minerals. This treatment uses such natural ingredients as algae, seaweed, mud and clay. These are great as a kickstart to a healthy living regime.

Hydrating body wrap: As you can guess, the idea behind these wraps is to drench your body in much-needed hydration. They utilise top-of-the-range creams and gels, which are left to sink into the skin, rather than being washed off. A body scrub is recommended before this wrap, so you get the maximum benefit. Enjoy this wrap during the winter months when central heating and the inclement weather are taking their toll on your skin.

Mud / clay wrap: Say goodbye to excess water, impurities and dull pores - a layer of therapeutic mud or clay is lightly massaged into your skin before wrapping begins, to cleanse, detoxify and firm you head-to-toe. Therapeutic muds and clays have anti-stress properties and the wide availability of these wraps means they’re a popular choice for spa guests. 

Oil body wrap: These body wraps are formulated to moisturise dry and/or dehydrated skin. A single - or mix of - aromatic essential oil is warmed and sandwiched between your skin and the mylar bandage wrap.

How long will the results of my body wrap last? 
Whether you are undergoing a body wrap to lose inches, reduce cellulite, aid a skin ailment, or simply as a pampering treat, you can expect the results to last a few days to a week. Your body will slowly re-toxify itself over time - a process that is much faster for those who smoke, drink alcohol and/or have a poor diet - and this will see your skin and body return to its previous appearance and form.
However, undergoing your chosen wrap treatment regularly and adopting a healthier lifestyle can help train your skin and body over time, providing you much longer-lasting results.

When will I see results from my Detox Peel?
Since the Detox Peels draws impurities out from deep within the skin, you may experience breakouts in the first 1-2 days immediately following the treatment. Best results are evident after 5 days and have a cumulative effect.

Are your Detox Peels safe?
Detox Peels are safe and effective.

€70 per treatment
Offer Pack: 4 treatments €240 (€40 discount)


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